Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wiggle room

Have you been to cedar point lately?! I just went for the first time this past weekend, and though I DID enjoy myself, I'm thinking I am just a bit too old for all that. After all, who really needs thrill rides when life at home with two little ones can evoke the same feelings?

So... after spend the day waiting, and walking, and riding, and doing some more waiting and walking and riding we get in the car and begin to make our 3 hour trip home to Battle Creek, MI. About an hour in, EVERY single red and scary light on my husband's car lights up on the dash!!

So I begin to Google, red triangle with exclamation point, maintenance required, avs, check engine, and whatever else there was lit up, and guess what?! I diagnosed the problem! That was kinda cool, the problem, not so exciting.

Turns out inverter for the water pump had gone out, which is a common issues with older Priuses and basically driving in home seemed like a horrible idea. Seriously though, the way all the symbols on the dash were flashing, it made you feel like it could blow!

So we ended up getting a room for the evening to avoid the risk of driving a car that may blow ;) Of course paying for a hotel due to car issues was NOT in the budget for our short trip to Cedar Point, BUT fortunately for me, I had my handy dandy Jamberry paycard and it was okay. (BTW that card also paid for the trip to Cedar Point, lots of yummy food, all kinds of fun the day before Cedar Point, and some much needed retail therapy)

Hate when life throws you a curve and you don't have the $ to do anything about it? Me too! And that my friends is why Jamberry has been SO awesome for my family.